Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Third Painter in Residence Brings her Watercolors to the Park

If you have found yourself in the park recently, you may have noticed our Painter in Residence program. The painters will work in the park throughout August and September creating representational imagery of the park. These works can be added to our always growing visual record of Bryant Park.

Dorrie Rifkin, our third Painter in Residence for the 2014 season, set out in the park in recent weeks to create her own Bryant Park masterpieces. Ms. Rifkin is a native of Englewood, New Jersey, and is an award-winning art director, watercolor instructor, and typography admirer. Her paintings have won multiple prizes and have been displayed in many noted galleries and showings. Among these accomplishments, Ms. Rifkin's painting of neighboring Grand Central Terminal was selected for the cover of the station's Connections, which celebrated the terminal's 2011 centennial. 
Ms. Rifkin concentrates on an intricate watercolor painting of the Eastern side of the park.
Ms. Rifkin has a wonderfully unique approach to painting that is organized into 5 steps: Step 1: Have a Full Great Life
Step 2: Structure and Planning
Step 3: Painting and Trust
Step 4: Inspiration
Step 5: Go back to Step 1

Ms. Rifkin also feels lucky to live in a place full of inspiration: "I'm lucky to live close to New York City; I spend a lot of time there. When I go to the city I usually bring a camera or sketchbook. Running out of things to paint would mean that I am not doing much of anything with my life."

Ms. Rifkin paints on the Upper Terrace as a bustling Bryant Park unfolds beneath her on the lawn.
To learn more about Dorrie Rifkin and her work, visit her website. And don't forget to stop by the park in the coming weeks to see our final Painter in Residence for this year, Anne Kullaf. 

August 4 - August 15: Simon Levenson
August 18 - August 29: Peter Salwen
September 1 - September 12: Dorrie Rifkin
September 15 - September 26: Anne Kullaf

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