Thursday, September 4, 2014

Second Painter in Residence Appears in Park

If you have found yourself in the park recently, you may have noticed our Painter in Residence program. The painters will work in the park throughout August and September creating representational imagery of the park. These works can be added to our always growing visual record of Bryant Park.

The second of our four painters in residence, Peter Salwen, took the spotlight in recent weeks to create his own Bryant Park imagery. Mr. Salwen is a landscape painter, urban historian, New York City tour guide, and author. He studied at Cornell, the Art Students League, and Parson.s/The New School. Since he has started working full-time as an artist in 2009, he has shown work at the New York Public Library (St. Agnes Branch), the Kerwin Gallery, and the West Side Arts Coalition Summer Salon, among others.

We catch a glimpse of a work in progress, featuring Le Carrousel
Photo by Angelito Jusay Photography
Mr. Salwen enjoys studying and painting landscapes, particularly urban landscapes, as he aims to "express the deep pleasure to be found in something as simple as the play of sunlight on a wall or the ordinary traffic of people and machinery at a city street." He seeks to capture a single, fleeting moment on canvas so that others may enjoy it. 
Mr. Salwen paints as the Southwest Porch lights twinkle in the background
Photo by Angelito Jusay Photograpy
To view more information about Peter Salwen and his work, please visit his website or read an article about him on the New York Public Library's blog.
We are only half way through our 2014 Painter in Residence Program so keep an eye out for the next two artists, Dorrie Rifkin and Anne Kullaf, in the coming weeks!

August 4 - August 15: Simon Levenson
August 18 - August 29: Peter Salwen
September 1 - September 12: Dorrie Rifkin
September 15 - September 26: Anne Kullaf

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