Thursday, September 18, 2014

Park Illustrations from the Art Cart

Many visitors to the Art Cart look to the environment around them for inspiration. We are thrilled by the very creative ways in which the park, particularly the Library Terrace, has been visually represented. What a joy to see different takes on the same subjects--from people sitting in our iconic green bistro chairs, to the New York Public Library lions reclining in the sun.

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One of the New York Public Library Lions takes a grand nap. 

This illustration looks down 5th Avenue, with the New York Public Library in the foreground and the HSBC Tower, on 40th Street, in the background. For information on our other 40th Street neighbors, check out this post

A park visitor rests in our iconic green Bryant Park bistro chairs. 

If you've seen our Spring 2014 Events Brochure, this figure may look familiar!

The subject of this sketch was the Art Cart itself! 
By Abagail Anderson.

The architectural details of the New York Public Library offer an endless supply of interesting shapes to draw. 
By Mikala Fies. 

A Bryant Park scene unfolds on this cheery yellow paper. 

Art Cart
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