Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Horticulture Update: End of Summer "Blues"

We've got the blues because the summer is almost over. The New Music in Bryant Park and Accordions Around the World seasons have ended, the Film Fest and Broadway seasons are drawing to a close, and preparations for this year's Square Dance are well underway (stay tuned to the blog for details).

We took a walk around the park, and it seems that the flowers are feeling the same way...blue, that is! The cool jewel tones present in the park lend a very different look than the white, pink, and green looks we saw earlier this year.

Plumbago capensis can be found in various planters throughout the park.

Plumbago capensis flowers are a lovely shade of periwinkle blue. 

Coleus red carpet, left, mingles with Pennisteum steaceum rubrum, right, on the 42nd Street planting beds (adjacent to the New York Public Library).

The tiny Buddleia davidii flowers grow in clusters, with brilliant red-orange centers. 

This specimen of Salvia guaranitica is one of several varieties of salvia that can be found in the park. 

Strobilanthes purple shield covers the ground near the top of the photo, while fuzzy-looking Ageratum blue horizon blossoms spread beneath. 

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