Thursday, August 28, 2014

Painter in Residence Program Kicks Off with Simon Levenson

If you have found yourself in the park recently, you may have noticed our Painter in Residence program. The painters will work in the park throughout August and September creating representational imagery of the park. These works can be added to our always growing visual record of Bryant Park.

Our first artist of the season, Simon Levenson started the program from August 4-15. A drawing instructor at The National Arts Club and the Museum of the City of New York, Mr. Levenson has displayed his work in many distinguished galleries, including the Cavalier Galleries and the permanent collection of the MTA Arts for Transit Commission's Permanent Gallery.

Photo by Angelito Jusay Photography
Mr. Levenson focuses on translating his subject "as effortlessly as possible." He aims to give his viewers a feeling of "deep satisfaction" through this simplistic approach. The process of painting, he says, involves practicing and studying drawing, color theory and composition. This all came through in his time spent at Bryant Park; he produced a wildly exciting and beautiful oil painting of the Upper Terrace Steps.

Photo by Angelito Jusay Photography
You can view all of Simon Levenson's work on his website. Make sure to stop by the park in the coming weeks to take a peek at the current Painter in Residence! The three painters to follow are sure to produce beautiful Bryant Park imagery as well.

The 2014 Painters in Residence (from left to right): Simon Levenson, Anne Kullaf, Dorrie Rifkin, and Peter Salwen
Photo by Angelito Jusay Photography
August 4 - August 15: Simon Levenson
August 18 - August 29: Peter Salwen
September 1 - September 12: Dorrie Rifkin
September 15 - September 26: Anne Kullaf

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