Friday, July 18, 2014

Horticulture Update: Summer Whites

You've probably heard the fashion rule that white should only be worn between Memorial and Labor Days. We're not sure how we feel about that rule, but we do know that our plants certainly are following it! The amount of white blooms and foliage is surprising (and beautiful!) so here's a virtual tour. And if you like this tour of our summer whites, check out our green and pink tours also.

We've been reporting on horticulture a lot over the past several weeks, but that's because there are so many interesting things going on!

The north-side planting beds are light in color. Positioned prominently on the beds are dogwood shrubs, which have green leaves tinged with white at the edges.

Caladiums in the wooden planters by the Bryant Park Cafe sport dapper white leaves. Who knew not all leaves were green?

The white buds of Phlax alba cluster together in a way that resembles hydrangeas. 

White casablanca lilies explode from their stalks. The orange pollen really pops! This bloom is an early one; the rest of the buds will open within the next several days, so stop by the park soon to enjoy the lilies in all their glory. 

White hibiscus Diane, at the top of the photo, live in the north planter bed. The buds of Asteromoea mongolica, in the foreground, look like miniature daisies. 

White begonias have a yellow pom-pom at the crossroads of their petals. Quite a fashion statement! 

White cleome adds a quirky flair with its green shoots. 

The stunning array of summer whites only lasts for a brief period, so hurry on over to see it for yourself. In just a couple weeks, our chameleon flower beds will change their colors yet again!

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