Friday, July 11, 2014

Horticulture Update: A Family Affair

If you look around the flower beds closely, you might notice some plants that look similar to each other. Just like a human family, plants from the same family bear uncanny resemblances to each other. Here's a look at the family "tree" (pun intended).
1. Blue petunias and pink bubblegum petunias live together in planters on the Sixth Avenue side of the park.
2. Two kinds of cleome, senorita rosalita (the pale pink at the bottom of the photo) and the sparkler white (the taller white blooms toward the top of the photo), live next to each other in the north side planting beds. 
3. The brown leaves on the left side of this photo (alabama sunset coleus), are related to the purplish leaves (red coleus) on the left side of photo 2.

4. Red dragon wing begonias, toward the left of this photo, are in a bed on the south side with pink begonias. Not pictured here are the white begonias planted in the park as well. The large green leaves in the middle, giant elephant ears, are related to black magic elephant ears, the dark green leaves on the right side of photo 3.

5. Algerian ivy, left, and English ivy, right, are planted side by side.

Add our multiple kinds of peonies and lilies to the list, and you'll see that plants here are a family affair. 

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