Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ask Bryant Park: How Do I Know if an Event is Cancelled?

In the Ask Bryant Park series, we hope to shed light on questions the public frequently pose to us about the park. If you have a question you'd like us to cover in this series, please comment below or email us at

Bryant Park is not scared of a little rain! In fact, our lawn needs a healthy dose of it to stay lush, green, and healthy throughout the summer. On days with inclement weather, we receive lots of questions from the public asking if certain events will be cancelled or rescheduled. Here is our method for making these tough calls.

We want our events to happen just as much as you do, which is why we only cancel our events in the case of heavy rain, lightning, or thunder. We try not to cancel an event if the weather is iffy, but hold off until we are certain it is the right call.

Tai Chi participants brave the elements on the Fountain Terrace.
Photo Credit: Tai Chi Chuan Center 
Sometimes this means delaying the start of an event. Other times we shift an event to a different location in the park. For instance, if yoga is scheduled to take place on the lawn, and the lawn is closed due to a light drizzle or an earlier rainstorm, we will move the class to the Upper Terrace if possible. Similarly, our Reading Room programs can be held under a tent during light rain, or at an indoor location for heavy rain.

The park still looking beautiful even through a thick haze of rain and fog.
As soon as we make the decision to cancel, reschedule, or relocate an event, we update our website and social media. On our website’s homepage, we display each day’s events in the top left corner. If an event's status has changed, it will be noted along with a message indicating the change that has been made.

We also regularly post park news on our Facebook and Twitter. Keeping everyone informed is key! So, if you find yourself worrying about weather conditions, please check our schedule online and follow our social media updates.

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