Friday, July 25, 2014

Accordions Around the World to Close Season with a Squeezebox Extravaganza

Accordions Around the World is an event that knows how to make an exit. Last year, we ended the series by hosting the American Accordionists' Association. Over 100 accordionists played Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York." This year, we're doing something equally spectacular.

Tuesday is the series finale. We'll have 25 accordionists playing around the park for the full duration of the 2-hour event. You'll be able to sample the musical buffet at a leisurely pace, stopping to enjoy the musicians who are especially appealing to you. Scroll down for a full list of accordionists who will be joining us.

Papa Bavarian - German Oktoberfest/Polka
Albert Behar - French Gypsy Jazz and Waltz Musette
Lauren Brody - Balkan Dance Music
Joshua Camp - Americana Two-Steps/Waltzes
Eduardo de Carvalho - Brazilian songs
Matt Dallow - Eclectic Rock
Papa Joe De Clemente - Italian/American Standards
Robert Duncan - French Musette/Tango/Classical
Melissa Elledge - Not Your Granddaddy's Accordion
Sadys Espitia - Colombian Cumbia/Vallenato
David Hodges - Argentine tango
Mary Spencer Knapp - Cabaret/Rock/Pop
Jody Kruskal - Old American Tunes
Yuri Lemeshev – World/Film/Classical/Jazz
Jenny Luna - Balkan
Christy McNamara - Traditional Irish
Shoko Nagai - Japanese/Jewish Music
Art Now -  Pop/Standards
Niall O'Leary - Irish
George Saenz - Tex-Mex/Soul Groove
Eva Salina - Balkan Ballads
Jordan Shapiro - Balkan/Cajun/British Isles
John Sherman - Cajun/Appalachian/Blues
Paul Stein - Yiddish Music
Brooke Watkins - French Musette/Jazz Standards

Accordions Around the World: Special Finale Event
Tuesday, July 29
5 - 7pm
Throughout park

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