Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 Best Family Activities in the Park this Summer

No matter your age, Bryant Park has something for everyone this summer. Grownups bring your kids (and kids bring your grownups!) for a variety of fun activities that are bound to get the whole family having a good time together.

1. Bryant Park Games
Move Family Game Night outside and challenge the kids to any of our 35 tabletop games. In addition to our games area that is open daily, we offer Game Socials which are organized sessions that make it easy to find opponents for whatever game strikes your fancy. Our Games Area even holds Kids Time, featuring kid-friendly classics like Candy Land, Old Maid, Memory, and Operation.

A Games Social underway in the Bryant Park Games Area
2. The Lawn
Big backyards are hard to come by in this city, so take a break on our lush, green lawn for a family picnic in Midtown’s backyard. Bring some snacks or head on over to ‘wichcraft for some sandwiches and salads or to Talenti for gelato and sorbet.

3. Juggling
The whole family will love our daily juggling classes and demonstrations, where you’ll get a chance to watch real pros juggle everything from bowling pins to bouncy balls and then try it out yourself!

Showing off some newfound juggling skills on the Upper Terrace
4. Ping Pong
Head on over to our ping pong tables to get some intra-family competition started. Our tables are open daily, free to use, and all equipment is provided.

5. The Green
Whether you’re a golf pro or just want to putt around, The Green is perfect for putters of all ages and skill levels. It’s a perfect place to bring the kids to teach them how to putt (or to learn how to putt together). The Green also has an area designated for Kubb, a Scandinavian game similar to lawn bowling. The Games Attendant will even teach you how to play!

The Green is perfect for all ages and skill levels
6. Art Cart
Get your creative juices flowing at Bryant Park’s very own Art Cart! The Cart provides craft supplies catering to all projects and all ages, including professional-quality drawing pencils, brush pens, charcoal pencils, sketch boards, markers, construction paper, stencils, and more. Come create some masterpieces fit for a museum (or your family’s fridge).

7. HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
Let the kids stay up past their bedtimes for our Summer Film Festival! Sit back, relax, and watch some great movies on the Lawn on Mondays throughout the summer. On Monday, August 4th, we’ll be showing everybody’s favorite film Karate Kid, a perfect family-friendly flick to watch under the stars while munching on some free popcorn provided by Bank of America.

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