Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Know Before You Go: Film Fest FAQs

We are less than two weeks away from the beginning of the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival presented by Bank of America season. We've already announced our fantastic lineup, and could not be more excited! We put together a list of our most frequently asked Film Fest questions, so you can start planning your Film Fest visit.

This is just the beginning--look out for giveaways from partners and sponsors as the season begins.

How do I get the best seat?
Seating is first-come, first-served. The lawn is closed on Mondays, leading up to the Film Fest, so it can rest in preparation for the crowd. At 4pm, we'll allow people to enter the gravel area around the lawn. The lawn will open at 5pm. The crowd surges onto the lawn with a loud cheer--we love this tradition!

The "running of the lawn" is one of our favorite Film Fest traditions!
What time does the film start?
Films start thirty minutes after sunset, once it is dark enough to see the projection on the screen. In the beginning of the summer, films start around 9pm. The start time ticks earlier as the season progresses.

How do I access the lawn?
You can enter the lawn at multiple points. To make the event as safe and secure as possible, we ask that everyone who enters the lawn open their backpack, purse, or other belongings before entering the lawn area.

What can I bring to the Film Fest?
Bring a picnic, bring your friends, and bring a blanket to sit on. All these suggestions are optional, but they will enhance your Film Festival experience!

If I don't bring a picnic, where can I buy food?
Hester Street Fair returns to the Film Fest, serving up delicious food on the Fountain Terrace from 4pm until the start of the film. You can also visit the 'wichcraft kiosks around the park, or any of our park neighbors.

The Hester Street Fair returns to serve up delicious snacks and entrees. 
What if I leave the Lawn Area to get food?
Packages, including food bags, are still subject to search when you re-enter the lawn area.

What items are prohibited?
Beach chairs, plastic tarps, alcohol, and pets are not permitted on the lawn at the Film Fest. Beach chairs block the views of those behind you, plastic tarps damage the lawn, alcohol is banned from all NYC public parks, and dogs are never permitted on the lawn. Beach chairs block the views of those behind you, plastic tarps damage the lawn, alcohol is banned from all NYC public parks, and dogs are never permitted on the lawn.

Where are the bathrooms?
There are two locations:
1) Bryant Park Bathrooms on 42nd Street are just down the stairs from the Upper Terrace. Sorry guys, as a courtesy to women, the Bryant Park Bathrooms are for women only after 7pm.
2) Additional porto-san facilities are located on 40th Street on Monday nights.

Bring a picnic, friends, and a blanket for a magical evening. 
What happens if it rains?
Bring an umbrella! Since we do not have rain dates, we always try to screen the film. If there are unsafe weather conditions like lightning, the film will be canceled. This hasn't happened since 2007. We are usually able to screen the film in the rain, but ask visitors to remain off the lawn when it is too wet.

What assistive devices are available? 
We have assistive listening devices and a CART system available for whomever may need it. Visit us near the trailer on the Upper Terrace (where the movie is projected from) to pick up your devices.

I use a wheelchair. Where can I watch the film? 
There are two ramps that lead to the gravel, and a fantastic unobstructed view from the Upper Terrace.

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
Mondays, June 16 through August 18
Lawn opens at 5pm

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