Thursday, June 19, 2014

Horticulture Update: Asiatic Lilies Explode on Northern Flower Beds

Our summer flower displays are installed and they are absolutely spectacular. We take a walk around the beds and point out some of our favorite species.

The north-facing flower beds have been planted with a profusion of pink plants (say that three times fast!) The Algarve Asiatica lilies are ready to burst forth--some already have. The stalks are chest-high and make a dramatic visual impact. They will open in the next several days and last for about two weeks.

This Algarve lily has bloomed...
...while these buds need a day or two. 

From the top right in the above photo, clockwise: Asiatic Algarve lilies reach their heads to the sky; the cleome (senorita rosita) looks like tiny lilac-colored cotton balls; the bright green crawling leaves are the above-ground portion of actual sweet potato plants; and pink petunias creep across the granite curb and will remain perky until late August.  

The south beds, which receive much less light than the north beds, are planted with different species. Colors in the south bed tend toward deeper greens and pinks. From top right (below photo), clockwise: oak leaf hydrangea will bloom huge white flower clusters until mid-July; pink begonias provide a dramatic pop of contrasting color; and hosta wears bright green on the edges of its leaves.  

Hello, gorgeous! 

Next up on the blooming schedule are white Casablanca lilies, which should make an appearance next week and last for about three weeks total. Make sure you get out to the park next week, when the pink and white lilies should be blooming simultaneously!

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