Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrate the Bistro Chair's 125th Birthday with a #BPShop Sale

Bryant Park can be identified in photos by many features, not the least of which is our iconic green bistro chairs. Each Bryant Park bistro chair has a lifespan of 3-5 years with proper maintenance, but the bistro style of chair has been around for much longer--125 years to be exact!

The bistro chair is an example of advancements in metalwork that occurred 125 years ago, pioneered by the French. Another example of French metalwork, the Eiffel Tower, is also celebrating its 125th birthday this year. To mark the connection between the two items, Fermob, our bistro chair supplier, has constructed a second Eiffel Tower entirely out of its own bistro chairs on the Champs du Mars in Paris.

Photo: Fermob
Don't worry, we're not going to build an Eiffel Tower in the park with all our park chairs--we're doing something better. Until July 1, we are taking $40 off the price of Bryant Park bistro chairs, available for purchase at our online Bryant Park Shop. You can bring this piece of engineering and design history into your home for an oh-so-stylish touch.


We've put special 125th Birthday tags on thousands of chairs in the park. Spot a tag, snap a pic and send to bpshop@urbanmgt.com to receive a free Bryant Park Book with your bistro chair purchase.

Now that sounds like a happy birthday to us!

Bryant Park Shop Bistro Chair Birthday Sale
Until July 1 Extended to July 2

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