Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#MeetMeOnTheLawn Wednesday, May 7 at 12:30

Since March, we've been reporting on the lawn's life cycle, from the sod installation to the sod pieces knitting together. The question on everyone's mind since the roll-out of the "emerald carpet," however, is when is the lawn going to open?

The lawn opening depends on many factors: precipitation, temperature, nutrition, and more. Before the lawn opens, the root systems must be thriving so that the lawn is ready to withstand the thousands of people that will walk across it every day. Given these variables, it is difficult to know exactly when, each year, the big day will arrive.

Not open yet! But...
We are pleased to announce that this year, the lawn opens tomorrow, May 7, at 12:30. We could not be more excited that that the lawn is able to open earlier than the predicted mid-May date.

Tomorrow, head on over to our Instagram, where we will be hosting a contest to celebrate the lawn opening. The winner will receive a Bryant Park Film Festival Blanket and 20th Anniversary Tote.

Get ready for months of lounging on the grass for lunch, enjoying Broadway in Bryant Park, picnicking during the Film Fest (the lineup of which will be released here on the blog on May 14), and countless concerts and performances to come. 

What's your favorite activity on the lawn? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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