Thursday, May 1, 2014

Learn a New Language with Inlingua

Ciao! Ola! Konnichiwa! Hola! Language classes taught by inlingua return to the park Mondays this summer, starting May 5. This year, all classes are beginner so you can start at square one. Classes, offered in Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese (just in time for this summer's World Cup!) are not cumulative, so you may attend at any point in the season.

Class attendance is limited to 20. You can reserve your spot by emailing, or take a chance and drop in. Limit one class per language per person, please.

So get ready to add a new language...or two...or four to your repertoire!

Students learn Japanese greetings during a language class last year. 
The Spanish profesor speaks to one of the estudiantes
Language Classes with inlingua
Mondays, May 5 to August 25
11:45pm - 12: 30pm
Upper Terrace Gravel     

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  1. Isso é muito legal! Não sabia que o parque tem aulas de portugues- vou tocar o piano no parque nesta semana bem perto das aulas. Então, espero ouvir muito portugues!