Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Experience 10 Weeks of Cinematic Magic with our Film Fest Lineup

The moment of truth is finally here--we're pleased to release the full lineup of this year's HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival presented by Bank of America. We've got films that span genres, decades, and subject matter. Catch one, or catch them all.

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Did you correctly unscramble the mixed-up letters in our film titles? Find out, below, next to the unscrambled title.

June 16: Saturday Night Fever 
John Travolta became a pop culture icon as Tony Manero on the dance floor in white polyester, trying to get off the mean streets of Brooklyn.  John Badham directs and the Bee Gees’ best-selling soundtrack is packed with Disco hits. (1977) 119 min. R Rated (Paramount)

June 23: The Mark Of Zorro 
This big budgeted blockbuster stars Tyrone Power as the ultimate Zorro, the masked avenger who uses his ingenuity and sword to fight the injustices of the ruling Spaniards and their nasty captain, Basil Rathbone, to rescue the old California townspeople. (1940) 93 min. (Fox) Not Rated

June 30: A Soldier’s Story 
Oscar nominee for Best Picture and Best Screenplay, Norman Jewison’s tense murder mystery is set on a Louisiana military base in the 1940s.  Starring Howard Rollins Jr. and Denzel Washington, it’s based on a Pulitzer Prize winning play. (1984) 101 min. (Sony/Columbia) PG Rated

July 7: Blazing Saddles (LADS BLIND GAZES)
Mel Brooks directed and wrote (with Richard Pryor) this uproarious and sometimes crude tale featuring some of the most outrageous characters in movies, led by Cleavon Little as the first black sheriff in the Old West and Gene Wilder as the Waco Kid.  #6 on AFI’s list of the 100 Funniest Movies. (1974) 93 min. Panavision (Warner Bros.) R Rated

July 14: Suddenly Last Summer 
Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, and Montgomery Clift star in Tennessee Williams’ lurid psychodrama (with a Gore Vidal screenplay) directed by Joseph Mankiewicz.  What really transpired during that European trip and is a lobotomy the only cure? (1959) 114 min. (Sony/Columbia) Not Rated

July 21: National Lampoon’s Vacation 
The Griswolds, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, set out cross-country with kids to a theme park and everything goes wrong.  Co-starring Randy Quaid, John Candy, Anthony Michael Hall, and Eugene Levy, directed by Harold Ramis, and written by John Hughes. (1983) 98 min. (Warner Bros.) R Rated

July 28: Key Largo (GORY KALE)
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in the remarkable John Huston film noir about a WWII vet forced to confront a ruthless Edward G. Robinson and his gang. It all plays out at a seedy Florida hotel during hurricane season. (1948) 101 min. (Warner Bros.) Not Rated

August 4: The Karate Kid (A DARK KITE)
Ralph Macchio stars as a Jersey kid who is ostracized when he transfers to a high school in Southern California.  Taught discipline and self-defense by Mr. Miyagi (Oscar nominated Pat Morita), he goes up against his bully in the finale. (1984) 126 min.  (Sony/Columbia) PG Rated

August 11: Lover Come Back (COVER EMO BLACK)
Doris Day and Rock Hudson plus Tony Randall team up for a romantic comedy about competing Madison Avenue ad executives, willing to stoop as low as need be to score clients. Oscar nominated for story/screenplay. (1961) 107 min. (Universal) Not Rated

August 18: The Shining (NIGHT SHINE)
Director Stanley Kubrick builds an unbearable tension until the end. Jack Nicholson plays an unstable writer who takes a job in the off-season at an isolated resort, which may be haunted by guests who never checked out. Shelley Duvall is his wife and Danny Lloyd their young son who sees horrific premonitions. (1980) 142 min. (Warner Bros.) R Rated

The 2014 Film Fest poster.

Tell us in the comments section below what snacks you enjoy during the Film Fest. See you at the movies!

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
Presented by Bank of America
With CityMD, Talenti, and The Wall Street Journal
Mondays, June 16 - August 18
The Lawn


  1. So excited! Have to point out the two typos though... Suddenly Last Summer is on July 14th, and Key Largo is on July 28th. Hooray for Summer!

    1. Thank you, Laura, for noticing that! We've corrected the error. We were too excited about the lineup to notice!

      What snack are you most looking forward to enjoying in your Film Fest picnic?