Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bryant Park is Your Outdoor Office

Our neighbors include sky-high office buildings and the New York Public Library--places of industriousness and productivity. It can be difficult to concentrate on the work in front of you if you'd rather be outside, especially given the nice weather we've been having. Luckily, Bryant Park can be your very own outdoor office.

1) Use our Wifi
Work these days is nearly impossible without an internet connection. Bryant Park's free wifi is here to help--there is no password, so you can jump straight to work. Our wifi was installed in 2002, making Bryant Park the first public park in the city to have free internet access. Now, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has jumped on board, announcing his plan to create free wifi hotspots throughout the city.

2) Charge Up
It's hard to check e-mail and research online if your battery is low. We have 42 outlets all around the park. Plug in and keep tapping away!

3) Take a Walk
This Stanford study found that taking even a brief walk can significantly enhance creativity. Is there a better place to walk in NYC than on our tree-lined allees and gravel paths? We can't think of any!

4) Fuel Up
It's hard to concentrate when your stomach is running on empty. Fuel up with 'wichcraft coffee or tea to keep your focus, eat some brain food at Maison Kayer, or reward your hard work with an indulgence at Lady M.

5) Calm Down
The calming effects of nature have been well-documented over time. Don't you think the first caveman to see a sunset felt at peace? Plus, the oxygen given off by our flourishing plants will help you breathe deeper and stay relaxed.

Using Bryant Park as your outdoor office, you'll enjoy work more than you ever have before!

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