Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Be There or Be Chair: Third Annual Musical Chairs

It's the time of year when walking in circles until the music stops is NYC's hottest activity. Yep, you guessed it--Bryant Park Musical Chairs is back for its third year.

We've got 20 circles of 30 chairs each--that's 600 spots if you care to do the math. Register now because spots are going fast. When you hear the prizes, you'll definitely want to participate.

The winner gets a pair of Southwest Airlines tickets to any destination that Southwest flies to. Think of what a victory lap that will be! As befitting a Musical Chairs event, the winner also wins two iconic Bryant Park bistro chairs with inscribed plaques--one chair stays in the park, and the other goes home with you. (If you don't win, you can still treat yourself to a Bryant Park bistro chair, available through our online shop.)

There are still great prizes if you don't come in first. The runner-up receives a $150 gift certificate to the Bryant Park Grill--try to sit in their lovely outdoor area for a true Bryant Park experience. Other runners-up receive a brand new model of our Bryant Park picnic blanket. No one will walk away empty-handed; like last year, each participant walks away with a redesigned Bryant Park Musical Chairs T-shirt.

With bad weather postponing last year's event twice, we're entitled to crystal clear skies and balmy temperatures on June 2. But, if Mother Nature decides to be difficult, the rain date is the following Monday, June 9.

Bryant Park Musical Chairs
Monday, June 2
The Lawn

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