Friday, May 16, 2014

50 Shades of Green

Bryant Park's signature color is green--its the color of our iconic bistro chairs, the lawn, and more. There's even a section of the park, called The Green, with a putting green and kubb area. The warm weather and our recent rainy spell have created some incredible shades of green in the park. Here are some of our favorite shots from the last several weeks. How many shades of green can you spot?

What is it about rain that makes the green pop? 

Is this a woodland meadow? No, its the middle of Manhattan!

This photo was taken just minutes before the lawn officially opened for the season on May 7. 

The London Plane trees have leafed out, resulting in a full canopy. 

The white Tulipa Maureen reaches 4 feet high from its leafy base. 
Even the Reading Room cart sports our signature color. 

Putting on The Green is fun for all ages.  

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