Friday, April 11, 2014

Signs of Spring: 5 Reasons to Fence with Bryant Park

In this new "Signs of Spring" blog series, we'll be announcing the return of favorite park activities and teasing new programs for the upcoming season.  

The park is coming out of hibernation, and this includes our beloved Fencing program. Classes return in just a week on April 18, so we wanted to give you 5 great reasons to check it out!

1) You loved sword fighting as a little kid.
Learn to attack, disengage, parry, and riposte--fencing's basic offensive and defensive moves--with our partner Manhattan Fencing Center. All of the coaches have coached or fenced at Olympic and National levels, so you're learning from the experts.

2) You want some fresh air at lunch time.
Classes are from 1pm to 2pm every Friday. There's no better way to break up a long workday!

3) You like dressing up.
All equipment--face masks, back-zip cotton jackets, chest plates, and gloves--is provided. Even if your skills need some work, you'll look like you know what you're doing.

4) You need to stretch your legs. 
Classes start with a basic demonstration of technique, then transition to fencing "duels" between partners. The agility and quick thinking will get your blood flowing and your mind working.

5) You want to try something new. 
Classes are free and non-competitive--perfect for beginners. If you've always wanted to try fencing, or just want to check out a new hobby, this is your opportunity. Even better, you'll get personalized attention, since classes are capped at 14 people.

As stated in the video, classes usually fill up. New students should pre-register at 212-382-2255. Returning students can come to classes as a drop-in.

Bryant Park Fencing
Fridays, 1 – 2pm
April 18 – June 6
5th Avenue Terrace at 41st Street

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