Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Seasonal Preparations Around the Park

The weeks between the load-out of Winter Village and the full onslaught of spring and summer programming are busy ones, as we do necessary maintenance work and prepare for the warm season ahead. Here is an inside look at what we're working on!

1) Seats
Our iconic Bryant Park bistro chairs are in the park year-round, and experience wear and tear from usage and weather. Each spring, we retire some of the older chairs and replace them with new ones. This year we've ordered about 1,000 chairs; expect to see them arrive in batches between now and May.

2) Plants
We've already spoken about the horticulture installations and lawn roll-out that occurred recently. By now, the lawn is starting to "knit" together, meaning that the grass blades and root systems from different pieces of sod are intertwining. This builds a strong lawn and will minimize the "pixellated" look that the sod had immediately after roll-out.

This weekend's rain ensured a good start to the lawn's stay at the park.
3) Gravel
During the rough winter, the gravel in the park was dispersed by snowblowers and made uneven by the weight of snow piles. To correct these bald spots and pooling, the gravel was regraded and refreshed.

The gravel around the lawn has been topped off and leveled, a perfect setting for a leisurely lunch.
The Putting Green gravel was refreshed, and the turf itself massaged by an industrial vacuum to remove debris.
4) Activities
The Reading Room and Games area opened yesterday and have updated and refreshed their selections, while the Ping Pong area is undergoing maintenance for a mid-April opening.

5) Brochures
Our Spring 2014 event brochures have been sent to the printer and should arrive in the park early next week. Please take one from a brochure rack!

We're on track for great spring and summer seasons!

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