Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet a New Opponent at Game Socials

The Games Area reopened on April 1 for its fourth season in the park. We've grown from our auspicious beginnings in 2011 with about 10 tabletop games to the almost 40 options being offered this year. As we've grown, we've noticed that many people arrive looking for a partner. This year, we've created all new meetups at the Games Area to help satisfy this need.

Introducing Game Socials! We've arranged a variety of meetups, organized by theme, so park patrons can find others looking to play their favorite games. Pick your desired game and stop by during the designated time. Our games attendant will reserve a few tables during each time, and help park patrons arrange a game with others who attend. Feel free to stop by any time during the Game Social session. Some themes like Party Games lend themselves more easily to people dropping in and out, but the Socials should attract enough people, so there are plenty of players to go around!

As always, you're still welcome to arrive with a group and play as you wish. Or bring your crew to a Game Social. Check the list and try one... or two! They're free and take place all summer long. For details on what games might be included, check our website.

Next up are our free Mah Jongg Clinics with Instructor Linda. They take place throughout the summer at a variety of times, so come and learn this popular tile game.

Mah Jongg Clinics
Afternoon Classes, 3pm – 4:30pm:
May 22, June 14, June 19, July 5, July 17, August 2, August 14, August 30

Evening Classes, 6pm – 7:30pm:
June 2, June 30, July 7, August 4

Mah Jongg Marathon:
September 1, 1pm – 7pm

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  1. Enjoyed playing Mahjong today with Linda, Mary and Sydney. So nice to play outdoors in a park. Very well organized.