Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goodbye, Rink!

Even though it is still cold, spring is just around the corner. That means it is time to say goodbye to the Bank of America Winter Village Rink, so that we can plant our beautiful lawn. We snapped some photos of the dis-assembly process so you can see this important sign of spring.

Workers remove siding from Celsius restaurant. Will we be able to wait eight months to taste their delicious sliders next season?
This aerial shot of Celsius shows that its furniture, heat lamps, and floor coverings have been removed. The brown spot on the rink is where the ice has started to melt now that the under-ice refrigeration unit has been unplugged. 

The Skate Deck has been cleared of furniture and the blue carpeting. 
The Skate Pavilion is lonely without all of our skaters. As the structure is being stripped of its interior, you can see the doors have been removed and are resting against the back wall.
Can you believe that this will be completely gone in a week's time? Thank you for a wonderful season!
After rink load out finishes next Wednesday, emerald strips of sod will be laid down to create the lawn. The sod's roots will establish themselves in the ground for several weeks to ensure a healthy lawn that is able to withstand the hundreds of thousands of feet that walk across it.

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