Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bryant Park by the Numbers: Six Fun Facts

If you frequented the park last summer, you may have noticed our intern, Isabelle Steichen, engaging parkgoers in conversation. Isabelle was conducting a demographic survey that canvassed over 700 park visitors between June and August of 2013. Below are six surprising facts gleaned from the study:

Taken during ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. 
  • 58% of those surveyed reported they were single. All you lonely hearts out there, take note!  
  • Two-thirds of first-time visitors had heard of Bryant Park from friends, a guidebook, or television. 
  • Over half of the respondents said they visit the park during lunch or after work. 
The season for a leisurely lunch in shirtsleeves is just around the corner.
  • 18% of those interviewed were from a different country. 
  • Approximately two-thirds of visitors stay longer than 30 minutes, with some staying all day. 
The lawn is a wonderful place to bring a picnic, a good book, or good friends! 

Which of these statistics is most surprising to you? What would you like to know about the park? Tell us in the comments.

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