Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bryant Park Brightens Up Subway Entrance

The Bryant Park/42nd Street stop on the B/D/F/M trains has been hailed as one of NYC's best looking subway stops. Samm Kunce's mosaic, entitled "Under Bryant Park," is one of the largest art installations in the MTA's Arts for Transit program. Sitting directly under the park itself, the station's mosaic imagines the roots of our London Plane trees in the park above running the length of the underground subway tunnels.

We recently set to improving other parts of the station. The entrance on the northwest corner of 40th Street and 6th Avenue had an unused window at the landing of stairs leading into the station. Taking advantage of this eyesore, our Design and Capital departments worked together to create a beautiful treatment for the window, installed on Wednesday.

Passers-by were already taking pictures of the panel! The photo in the panel is an aerial shot from Musical Chairs.
Stay tuned this summer, as plans progress to install a monitor in this window, which will display information about upcoming events alongside some gorgeous park scenes!

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