Monday, March 17, 2014

Appreciation for Chair Plaques in the Park

The Bryant Park Shop offers our ardent supporters the opportunity to commemorate a loved one, mark a special occasion or honor a colleague with a personalized, engraved message on one of the park's iconic chairs. We have seen some lovely messages over the years - some bittersweet, and some charming or irreverent. One of our favorite parts of the Chair Plaque Program, however, is seeing the feedback from the recipients of the honor.

Recently, one lucky teen, Cameron, received a plaque for her 18th birthday. Cameron's mom shared a photo and thank you with us after they went to visit the chair:
"Went with the family on the 29th and found the chair near where you said it would be. Much easier than we had anticipated since the park was PACKED!  Again, she was thrilled and I am telling anyone who will listen about it and how great you all were in helping make an 18 year old who loves Bryant Park very happy. Below is a picture of Cameron in "her" chair." 

Another clever chair plaque purchaser had a creative way to present her gift. Because the plaque remains in the park, she created a more tangible representation of the gift for her friend by making a miniature scene that blew us away! She reported, "My friend was very very amazed when we gave her the gift. She really had tears in her eyes. So you see your beautiful park has enormous fans even in Germany.”

Chair plaques clearly have inspired and touched our fans. Next time you want to commemorate someone or something special, consider doing it with a Bryant Park chair plaque

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