Friday, March 7, 2014

ANALOGIA Opening Event

After a week of installation in the park, and countless hours planning as well as creating the paintings, ANALOGIA now stands proudly on the Fountain Terrace, facing 6th Avenue.

Timed perfectly with The Armory Show, ANALOGIA's Opening Event will take place on Saturday, March 8 at Bryant Park. There will be an assortment of live music and dance performances interpreting the different figures represented in the paintings. Followed the performances, there will be an Art Tour with Art Historian Vanessa Gates-Elston. The Art Tour will give visitors a perspective on ANALOGIA as a site specific installation. In special consideration of the event, the park will be open until 9pm on Saturday, March 8.

ANALOGIA Opening Event
Saturday, March 8
6pm - 8pm
Fountain Terrace

Performances inspired by the Installation 
Dina Fanai (Babel soundscape)
Rebecca Stenn (Mother Goddess dance)
Ernest Baker II (Power Congo Figure dance)
Peter Knoll (Knight soundscape)
Dzul Dance (Mexican Baby Figure dance)
Michael Mao Dance
Dina Fanai (Legends Song)

In case you can't make it out on Saturday night, the sculpture will remain in the park through March 19. The last few days will feature the disassemble process.


  1. Two weeks ago, I could see the park from my office. Now I cannot thanks to the construction of 7 Bryant Park. This makes me sad.

    1. Sorry to hear your view is blocked! Hopefully the weather will turn soon, and it won't be so bad to come outside and see us.