Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sled Hockey Athletes Breakaway! at Fundraiser

On Wednesday, February 5, The Rink at Bank of America Winter Village was delighted to be the venue of the annual Breakaway! Fundraiser for the Wheelchair Sports Federation (WSF) New York Sled Rangers. The WSF is one of the few outlets for physically disabled youth aged 5 to 23 to play competitive sports in New York City. A community for kids from all 5 boroughs, the WSF charges no fees to its athletes to participate.

The Sled Rangers showed off their skills on the ice. Competitors sit on a sled, an adaptive device with blades (like ice skates) that form a tripod, giving players balance and potential for great speed. 

Athletes propel themselves across the ice using two shortened hockey sticks, one on each side of the sled, that are equipped with picks on the end. These picks are similar to the tip of a figure skate and allow for maneuvering and braking; the arm movements are similar to those in cross-country skiing.
High-speed slapshots and body-checking are common in this sport. Guests were invited to skate with the athletes, either upright or on hockey sleds.

Bryant Park is pleased to have been the venue for such a wonderful event! For more information about the Wheelchair Sports Federation, please visit their website.

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