Friday, January 17, 2014

Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day

We talked earlier about how Bryant Park can help you keep your resolutions, but we know that it is difficult and no one is perfect. Luckily Friday, January 17, is National Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day. Whether you choose to ditch a bad resolution entirely (let's be honest, can anyone really go "cold turkey" on coffee?) or give yourself a tiny reward for diligently keeping your resolution so far, the Bank of America Winter Village has you covered. To top it off, we couldn't think of a better day than Friday to ditch that resolution--the beginning of a long weekend!

At Bryant Park, you can stick to your resolution to keep fit and healthy. But we know that on a cold winter day, you really can't beat the warming power and comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Visit the stand on the 40th Street side of the park. Run by 'wichcraft, with locally-sourced, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients, you can expect a perfect combination of cheesy goodness and savory soup. If you want to cheat on your resolution to keep healthy, this indulgence is worth it.

The sweet potato, mozzarella and olive combo with tomato soup and breadsticks. 
Saving money is always a good goal, but pinch those pennies too hard and you might feel deprived. You deserve a little treat for all your financial responsibility, so splurge on a night of skating at the rink. Spring for the Fast Pass ($22 online, $25 in person)--you'll get VIP entry, enjoy complimentary bag check, and lace up a pair of freshly sharpened skates. Or crunch the numbers and gather three loved ones or friends--the Fast Pass Family Four Pack ($75, available online only) includes the perks of the Fast Pass, plus free hot chocolate at Ice Bites, and a 10% off voucher at Celsius for up to four guests. With the Family Four Pack, you can treat yourself to a wonderful evening and remain wallet-savvy.

With a Family Four Pack Fast Pass, these two will enjoy complimentary hot chocolate at Ice Bites!
Exploring NYC can be an exciting New Year's goal, but constant adventure can wear you down! Take a night off--and take the chill off, too--at the Southwest Porch. Relax with friends around the fire pit, under a heat lamp, or cuddled in a slanket. Sip one of the Porch's signature cocktails, like the Midtown Manhattan, and pay homage to our wonderful city.

Unwind around the fire pit with old friends.

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