Friday, December 27, 2013

Snowmen Invade Bryant Park

This month's weather got us thinking about the things we love about winter: ice skatingwarm beverages, tree lightings, and holiday shopping. All of these activities are enhanced by glittering snow gently floating earthward or a crunchy layer of snow packing underfoot. A layer of snow transforms our familiar bistro chairs into giants slumbering under thick white blankets. Our busy park feels quieter, at peace.

This snowman melted shortly after this photo was taken, and was never seen again in the park!
Snow isn't just fun to look at; it is also fun to play with. To celebrate snowfall, we want to hold a pop-up snowman contest in the park. (And what are snowmen but pop-ups, anyway? Here today, for a limited time only.) On the next day with over 6 inches of snow that accumulates, we will invite parkgoers to build snowmen wherever snow is available (provided that the snowmen don't block any pedestrian paths). Head over to the Bank of America Winter Village, snap a photo of your creation and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The most creative and beautiful creations could win a Bryant Park prize!   

If all goes well, we'll have to figure out a way to hold these contests year-round. Sandmen, anyone? 

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  1. Great to know holiday shops and neighborhood stores are open for business..