Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shop the Season: Designs for Giving

Our Graphic Designer Eric uses his five senses to hunt down the best design worthy gifts that the Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village have in store. 

As a graphic designer I'm always on the lookout for beautifully made objects. This goes beyond type and other surface art; I work in a multidisciplinary company, and many types of designer-friends are on my giving list, so all types of things are fair game. Strolling through the Holiday Shops at Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, I was delighted to find loads of choices which scored high on my pleasant form, function, and economy indexes! You'll see that I gave all five senses equal enjoyment opportunity here.

Line Posters: Booth K03 near the Tree (map)

Hands-down amazing; these are versions of urban mass-transit systems graphically applied to posters, T-shirts, and stationery. You need to touch these items as well as look at them; the elegant crafting of them is revealed in the pressed and screened finishes. The design is in the details. The noo-yawkah in me loves the NYC T in an unusual citrus-yellow and dark teal combo ($30, or two for $55). Check them all out.

Macarons & Cookies by Woops: Booth K09 near the Tree (map)

The designer does not live on point sizes and ink alone. However, edibles that LOOK as if they were a color chart will always draw me in. There's something so particularly pleasant to the orderly, well-behaved rows of macarons here. Do yourself a big favor and mess that order up by ordering a few immediately ($2.75 each) and gobble 'em up. Vive la entropy!

Jaques Torres Chocolate: Booth A01 in the 40th Street Allee (map)

The same, yet different; I love things that look like other things. I love it when that effect is simple and well done. BONUS points for things that look like other things that go with the first things! Witness the Champagne 'cork' truffles from Jacques Torres. A real Champagne ingredient makes them a toy just for (lucky) big folks, but for just $20 per box of 10 you can be a pretty good pretend-millionaire this season.

SOVL NYC: Booth C05 on the Fountain Terrace (map)

I print and fold paper all day long, so when I see a product relating to what I do, and that thing makes me go 'wow', it's not very long before the 'I wants' kick in big-time. These Ollin Super Wallys ($12 each) are useful, durable conversation-starters. I know; I've had one for a few years and it's a comment magnet (if not a money one). Think you'll get just one? Good luck with that; let a few burn a hole in your pocket.

5th & Madison: Booth B02 in the southwest corner of the Park (map)

Bright design ideas are the best; beautiful candles fill that bill. Not only are the fragrance choices here novel, thought-provoking and appealing, but the packaging is crisp and smart, and the names really intrigue me; 'Bonfire', 'Twelve Nights', and on; at $7 for a 2-oz tin for starters, it's hard not to fall into a lovely 'try-'em-all' rationale! Save by snapping up 5 for $30 and burn your candle at both ends.

What was that? I left out sound design? Easy; for that, treat your ears to the great music playlist floating over The Rink while shopping!

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
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