Friday, November 29, 2013

Shop the Season: Gifts for Children

Dana finds the best gifts for kids at the Holiday Shops to make sure she's the favorite aunt of her nieces and nephews.

Living in New York away from my family is tough around the holidays, especially with a growing number of nieces and nephews. I miss out on seeing them, which makes the times I go home extra important. I need to make sure I leave a lasting impression and that I am forever remembered as the “cool aunt” from New York City. Best ways to do this: go home full of the best gifts, surprises and exciting stories to make up for lost time. Outdoing previous gifts gets harder each holiday season, but this year I decided to get all of the kiddie’s presents done here at the Bank of America Winter Village.

The first store is one I will definitely enjoy as much (if not more) than the kids. The Silly Puppets shop is grand stand of characters, monsters, and brightly colored puppets. Ranging from a mustachioed chef to fuzzy green monsters all the way to pretty mermaids. It has all kids and adults covered with plenty of charming options. Puppets range in size; ones like the chef, is 25 inches with easy to operate mouths and also an arm rod to maneuver his hands. For the smaller kids there are also the glove puppets that are about 14 inches in height.  The last size is for those aspiring ventriloquists who want a more professional puppet. These puppets are even larger at 30 inches with removable legs, an arm rod, and a “snug fit” mouth to make the puppet really come alive.

Hopefully this year it will snow on Christmas and these fun gifts can be put to use in a snowball fight with an epic family snowball fight. Bearhands & Buddies sell these giant paw mittens that are just perfect for snowball fights. It is a constant battle to get my rowdy nephew to keep a hat or gloves on even in the coldest of weather. Dressing him up as a giant bear may be creative enough to help keep on the layers. Bearhands & Buddies have sizes for all ages and a color to match any outfit; you can even take it one step further with the faux fur mittens to really channel your inner animal. 

Clothes: the next worst thing to coal for a kid to get on Christmas. I am a believer in kids getting toys for Christmas, but when I saw this adorable dress from Lucy and Leo I had a change of heart. Clothes from Lucy and Leo are from handspun yarn and completely organic, as a bonus they are designed and made here in New York City. The clothing is all natural and is made of soothing colors like browns, blues, and whites.  A flutter dress and skirt caught my attention first, but clothes are made for both girls and boys.

I could feel the difference in quality and the time spent into making these clothes set this shop apart from typical department store kid’s clothing.  I was sold when I leaned the founder of the company, began  creating special clothes for her cousin’s children, Lucy and Leo. Now that is a cool Aunt.  

Silly Puppets
Booth K08 near the Tree (map)
BearHands & Buddies
Booth K07 near the Tree (map)
Lucy & Leo
Booth H06 in the 42nd Street Allée (map) (map)

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
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