Friday, August 30, 2013

Workbook: Bryant Park Land Mark

On Sunday August 18, 2013, artists from DOE Projekts created a temporary work of art in Bryant Park, made from soil, as part of an ongoing art action called “Workbook”.

In situ is an art form that creates a temporary land mark made of organic black soil that is specifically designed for the site where it is fashioned. Artists used only their hands, stencils, and dirt to create this distinct design on a walkway in the park.

The art installation at Bryant Park linked objects and words associated to the park and the New York Public Library. Viewers of the installation may have seen words within the design like knowledge, movement, nature and self. The hidden forms within included seeds, a fountain, books, a face, flowers, as well as the numbers zero and one. DOE Projekts was initiated by Deborah Adams Doering and more information on the art process and other projects can be seen at

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