Monday, August 26, 2013

Stossel and More at the Reading Room

Curious about why libertarians believe the government does more harm than good? Join New York Times bestselling author John Stossel in the Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC Wednesday as he discusses his book No, They Can't: Why Government Fails - But Individuals Succeed. Stossel has a weekly show on Fox Business Network, has hosted a series of one-hour specials on Fox News, and appears regularly The O’Reilly Factor and on other Fox News shows. The discussion will be hosted by Jim McTague, the Washington Editor for Barron's Business and Financial Weekly.

You could win a free copy of Stossel's book. The first person to arrive for the event after 12pm, find the Reading Room Coordinator and say the secret passcode: Why Government Fails will win a copy of one of the author's books. The Reading Room is open weather permitting 11am to 7pm. Books available courtesy of publishers, while supplies last.

Word for Word Author
John Stossel
Wednesday, August 28
12:30pm - 1:45pm
Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC

Sam Roberts at Word for Word Non-Fiction
Photo by Angelito Jusay Photography

Stossel is just the headliner in a week full of activities at the Reading Room. Poetry readings continue on Tuesday with poets from Alice James Books, author Mason B. Williams discussing the New Deal and the ways it shaped NYC on Wednesday night, and Gotham Writers' Workshop hosts and Essay and Opinion Workshop on Thursday. You can also catch David Gilbert, author of & Sons, leading a Book Club on Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt. Before the discussion on Tuesday, get a little insight into Mr. Gilbert's writing style and inspiration with the Bryant Park Q&A.

Word for Word BookClub 
Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis
Led by David Gilbert
Tuesday, August 27
12:30pm - 1:45pm
Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC

What was your inspiration for this book?
My father and my son.
Where do you do your best writing?
In my office, late at night, wishing I still smoked.
Which author do you wish had been your 7th grade English teacher?
Harper Lee
What is your secret talent?
I can stand on my head.
What is your favorite book?
Some days it's Lolita, other days, Pale Fire
Who reads your first draft?
A poor unlucky soul who lives in my basement.
Do you prefer writing on a computer or longhand?
Computer.  But I do my most inspired writing on Post-Its.
What book are you currently reading? (Old school or e-Reader?)
Old school (not the book), Speedboat by Renata Adler
What word or punctuation mark are you most guilty of overusing?
I hate the word OFF.  It is an unreasonable hate.  And I think the letter K is kind of a jerk.  I overuse vague qualifiers, like SORT OF and KIND OF (see above).  I wish I used exclamation points more but that's a young man's game.
If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? 
A first-grade homeroom teacher.
Did you have an “a-ha!” moment that made you want to be a writer?
Yes. Unfortunately it was while watching Hardcastle and McCormick on TV, which is a Stephen J. Cannell production (he of the ripping another perfect page from the typewriter, the sheet flying elegantly through the air, passing various awards and diplomas).  Ruined me.
Do you read your books after they’ve been published? 
No way (the thought alone just made me throw up a little).

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