Tuesday, August 20, 2013

After Work Music with Woody Pines

Bryant Park After Work
Music to start the end of your day.

Ali Marshall from Mtn Xpress said about Woody Pines that 'they bring that low-key street corner style of performance to his stage show, but with all the polish and seasoned professionalism of a tour-bus-and-green-room-rock stardom'. They share a special kind of retro-vaudeville folk music with their fans. Woody, the singer, was unable as a child to read music, so he just came up with new tunes for the Bob Dylan songs that he could find around his house. From street corner bars, he then made it to stages and festivals all around the US, and he is now finally coming to Bryant Park. Right click below to download and save a preview of Woody Pines' music - the sounds of After Work.

Come and catch Bryant Park After WorkIt's the perfect outdoor setting for our schedule of New York area jazz musicians and singer-songwriters. Only two dates left, with Woody Pines this week, followed next week by John Farnsworth Quintet.

Woody Pines
Wednesday, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
August 21
Fountain Terrace

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