Monday, July 8, 2013

Aisha Tyler in the Bryant Park Reading Room

Ever done something you knew immediately was a mistake? In Self-Inflicted Wounds, Aisha Tyler, comedian, actress, cohost of CBS's The Talk, star of Archer, and creator of the top-ranked podcast Girl on Guy, takes readers through her own adventures with epic fails. From sleeping through the SATs to almost setting herself on fire, join Aisha in the Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC this Wednesday as she discusses learning to embrace failure by trusting that she’ll learn from her mistakes or at the very least walk away with a hilarious story to tell.


And don't forget the first person to arrive for the event after 12pm, find the Reading Room Coordinator and say the secret passcode: Epic Humiliation will win a copy of Ms. Tyler's book. Reading Room is open weather permitting 11am to 7pm. Books available courtesy of publishers, while supplies last.

Word for Word Author
Aisha Tyler, hosted by Touré
Wednesday, July 10
12:30pm - 1:45pm
Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC

On Tuesday you can also catch HSBC Financial featuring Jon Gertner, author of The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, and Editor at Large for Fast Company, and an evening of Poetry with Michael Klein, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Saeed Jones, and Susan Wheeler. Later in the week, the Reading Room will host James M. McPherson with Civil War history for Word for Word Non-Fiction, a Fiction Writing workshop on Thursday, and a Kids program with Role Pole Guacamole on Saturday. Just another busy week here in Bryant Park!

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