Friday, June 28, 2013

Lillies Take Center Stage

The park's Algarve Asiatic Lilies bloomed last week in the gardens just to the north of the lawn. Bryant Park hasn't seen lillies for some time. You may remember that the park's perennial borders were renovated in October of last year. While many anchor elements were refurbished or replaced, our horticulture team also took the opportunity to redesign certain seasonal highlights. We're delighted to see these pink stunners as a new addition to the beds. The Algarve lily will be reaching its peak this weekend. Not to worry if you miss it. The Casablanca lilies will bloom close on their heels. Look for them in the coming weeks, blooming pure white in the gardens.

You can also spot the hollyhock popping up pink and tall in the gardens as well. Another one of our garden favorites.

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