Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bryant Park Presents Dance Kicks Off with Contemporary Evening

Join us for the inaugural evening of Bryant Park PresentsDance this Friday evening.  Celebrate the expressive power of the human body and unwind from your busy week. 
This Friday evening is the kickoff to our three-part series and will feature performances by two of New York City’s top contemporary dance studios.  You won’t forget the grace, power, and emotion of Shannon Gillen + Guests and Sidra Bell Dance New York.

Shannon Gillen + Guests
This Brooklyn-based, primarily female dance company is known for its intricate and lush physicality that is drawn from the body's natural desire to communicate.  Gillen’s company is grounded by a rigorous exploration, showcasing the surprising resources of the imagination.  On Friday the company will perform two pieces.  ON CERTAINTY explores a systematic and epistemological approach to movement inspired by the philosopher Wittgenstein.  The second piece, titled VAROSHA, chronicles the preserved debris of a beach town abandoned under duress during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.     
Sidra Bell Dance New York
This NYC-based, boutique dance company presents highly innovative and provocative dance theater works.  Sidra Bell is a sought-after voice in contemporary dance with works that explore the complexities of the human condition.  The company will present an excerpt from its work STELLA, which observes both how remarkable and unremarkable our humanity can be while continuing the futile effort to leave a permanent imprint. 

Bryant Park Presents Dance
Friday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
June 14, 21, and 28

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