Friday, May 24, 2013

Outdoor Libraries Here and Abroad

By Grace Kim

Nothing signifies the onset of summer quite like outdoor reading. Some prefer to read in the backyard while others journey to the beaches.  Several cities around the world, from Sydney to Madrid, made innovative spaces for the public to enjoy this pastime. Clever architects and book lovers installed outdoor libraries on beaches and in nooks between busy crowded streets. We were struck by the dreamy library scenes collected by Flavorwire.

Bookyard, built by Massimo Bartolini for the Belgian art festival TRACK in Ghent (Source)

Hay-on-Wye, Wales (Source)
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Photo Credit: James D. Morgan / Rex Features (Source)

If your wanderlust is on overdrive, you don’t have to travel far to quench the desire. The Bryant Park Reading Room sponsored by HSBC invites you to enjoy a wide selection of literature, with a cold drink in hand and plenty of green chairs to sit on to bask under the sunlight amidst blooming flora. Not only is this a place for individuals to find some peace and quiet to sit, but also for poetry readings and dynamic book club discussions. During story time for kids, giggles fill the airspace in the Midtown oasis. For your time here, the traffic noise and towering skyscrapers become distant, and you are in your own story heaven.

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