Friday, April 12, 2013

Tony Smith's Interactive Sculptures at Bryant Park

From March 13 to April 10 our park visitors had the chance to enjoy the minimalist sculptures of Tony Smith at Bryant Park on the occasion of Smith's 100th Birthday. The artist is known to 'be one of the first to put contemporary art in NYC parks', according to Doreen Remen, a founder of the Art Production Fund. It was the third time that Smith's art was exhibited in the park and our visitors absolutely loved it.

April 9 was a particularly hot day and the park was crowded (we counted 5208 visitors!). This motivated the public to interact with the sculptures 'One-Two-Three' in a very special way, as they transformed them from art pieces into chairs and tables, by sitting, eating and relaxing on them. The public hence included the art into their daily life and habits, which was one of the goals of the exhibit, as it promoted making art accessible to everyone, especially outside of the walls of a museum.

Enjoy some more pictures of this spectacular installation and thank you all for coming!

by Isabelle Steichen

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