Tuesday, April 30, 2013

String Fling in Bryant Park

On May 3 Bryant Park will host a special event, with the performance of a dozen of the country's most talented teen violinists.They come from the Peabody Pre-Conservatory in Baltimore, as well as the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College, and they will spoil us with their interpretations of Gershwin, Sarasate, Sousa and Kreisler.

Rebecca Henry, the director of the Baltimore violinists, tells us that it is a privilege to work with such young talents, who she learns a lot from. The violinists need to be extremely disciplined as they work 2-4 hours on their music skills every single day. Most of the teens are majoring in violin performances and hence want to build a career as professional musicians.

It may seem surprising at first that teenagers and young people today would be interested in classical music. However it is not that hard to get the interest of children, as Rebecca and Elizabeth (the director of Manhattan violinists) tell us: if a child gets exposed to the music, and has the opportunity to learn an instrument that speaks to him or her, they will get hooked for sure. Moreover Rebecca explains how necessary it is that schools offer a full compliment of the arts to every child Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The live concert at Bryant Park will be amazing, no doubt about that. Neither Elizabeth nor Rebecca are worried about the existence of live concerts in general, in an age where iTunes and web downloads are flourishing. They both are convinced that the atmosphere created by live music will never be replaced by anything else.

The String Fling concert at Bryant Park will be an incredible opportunity, both for the violinists to show the depth of their studies, and passion for the music, as well as for the public, that will get to know a joyful bunch of teens, who love rehearsing, cajoling, experimenting, goofing around and making music, as Rebecca confirms.

Come to see the star musicians of tomorrow!

String Fling in Bryant Park
Friday, May 3
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Upper Terrace

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