Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's that Tulip Time of Year

The second spring planting is reaching its peak here at Bryant Park. Our horticulture team planted hundreds of tulips last fall in the planting beds bordering the lawn, including Tulipa ‘Orange Queen’ and Tulipa ‘Maureen.’

The Orange Queen tulips have yellow and orange colors and seem to almost glow when in the sunlight. They are complemented by the Maureen tulips which have a soft creamy white color that tones down the sharpness of the Orange Queens.

The team also planted Tulipa ‘Barcelona’ in the planters along with fresh Algerian Ivy and more Blue Pansies, bringing a wealth of color to the park’s walking paths. 

In the pictures, you will also see the leaves of our London Plane trees starting to come out. The London Planes give the park its distinctive character and will soon be able to provide much needed shade for our visitors. 

Contributor: Danny Su

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  1. It would be nice if you guys left some plants up for grabs in bags like you did last year. Please!