Friday, April 19, 2013

Bank of America Volunteers Help to Unpack New Furniture

It was an early morning, this past Tuesday, April 15, when a truck from a French chair company called Fermob arrived around 9am to drop off a big load of packages. The packages contained tables and chairs for the park. As you can imagine, our chairs have a long life but they don't last forever. Some break, or others lose color. Surprisingly, the biggest losses don't come from pilferage. With the wear and tear, we like to replenish our stock each year.

This year we received about 200 tables, 100 stools, and over 100 different types of chairs. Gladly we had the great volunteers from Bank of America that helped us to unload, stack and unpack the chairs. The most fun part comes at the end when they can just spread them through the park. The roughly 20 volunteers spent all morning helping us. If you read this post from your phone or tablet, while sitting in Bryant Park, there is a chance that you are sitting on one of our new chairs...

Thank you to the team from Bank of America!

Love our chairs, and can't make it to France? We sell them on the Bryant Park Shop.


  1. Good job done by the volunteers of bank of America. They helped to unpack the furniture. The images on this site are eye appealing. It is interesting to know that they not only unpacked the furniture but also spread across through the park.
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