Friday, March 1, 2013

Southwest Porch Upgrade: Trenching, Joists and Stain

We can't wait to debut the new and improved Southwest Porch. After completing demolition of the old structure, the construction crew here in the park has been hard at work to lay the foundation for the new Porch deck and pergola. Between the cable TV, internet, power outlets, gas heaters, and a full working bar with a food kiosk and kitchen, there is a lot going on in such a small space.

We have been laying pipes and conduits, so the Porch can be properly wired and rigged to support all of the services we provide there. Below you can see a trench for gas and electrical lines, as well as the PVC pipe that will hold the beer lines. We keep the kegs in a cooler inside the kiosk, so the cold beer must be piped out to the bar. The black pedestals below represent the location of the pergola support columns.

The crew has also been preparing the deck which gives the Porch its name and signature look. They've laid joists across the entire footprint of the Porch, which will support this key element. At the same time, they've been staining the ipe wood slats inside of special warming tents, so the stain is applied properly.

Next, we look forward to receiving our custom-made pergola pieces. Once these take shape, you will really begin to recognize the Porch once again, and prepare for its spring reopening with 'wichcraft!

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