Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Returning Soon: Bryant Park Chess

We're very lucky to work with the Marshall Chess Club for Bryant Park Chess. As one of the strongest clubs in the United States, Marshall Chess Club has been in operation for almost 100 years. After that many years, they've collected a large membership audience, including many champions and Grand Masters.

In fact, Bryant Park Chess has played host to many of these Chess Stars. Grandmaster Rober Hess, who became a Grandmaster at 17, has visited the park, as well as Grandmaster Ron Henley, a financial wizard and chess adviser to world champion Gary Kasparov. We cater to all levels of play, and you just never know who you might meet... so stop by and play a few games!

To prepare you for a stunning Chess debut in the park, we've pulled Marshall Chess Club's top five tips for winning your match.


1.  Learn a good opening that suits your style. Flashy with lots of action? Quiet and positional? Somewhere in between? Know your chess personality.

2.  Study the position. The biggest mistake beginners make is to move without thinking. Look at the whole board.

3.  Make a plan. The deeper you see, the stronger you’ll play. The average player sees 3 - 4 moves ahead. Grandmasters  see 10 -5 moves into a position. That’s the difference.

4.  Develop your pieces and control the center. Get your army organized before attacking. The center 4 squares on the board are the key to winning. Rule them and you rule the world.

5.  Play with ideas. Creative chess is the way to victory. Keep an eye on your opponent while you come up with the best approach.

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