Monday, March 11, 2013

Bryant Park Tables at Fresco Gelateria

Fresco opened up this past August and brought Greek gelato to the East Village. The interior of this little family business (the owners have a similar Gelateria with the same products in Greece) reminds of a sophisticated beach style.

The moment you come in, you find yourself surrounded by different woods: there is white recycled oak on the walls, as well as chocolate brown reclaimed wood from the Coney Island boardwalk that is used for the benches and seating area. This natural style is combined with the green Bistro tables from Bryant Park.

The charming Venetia, one of the 3 siblings that own Fresco, tells us that it was love at first sight. She had walked by the tables in Bryant Park and knew she had to get exactly those and nothing else for her gelato place. Originally she wanted to paint them white but once they arrived in her café, she decided that the green color was a perfect fit with the existing sandy atmosphere. The tables brought the park inside, where beach and nature came together. Venetia says her costumers feel inspired by this reminder of Bryant Park as they have the feeling to be in a little indoor oasis.

The specialty at Fresco is their gelato. It differs from classic Italian gelato in its ingredients and flavors. A lot of the sweet frozen treats are made out of goat milk instead of traditional cow milk. Flavors such as Greek yogurt, rose water, fig or mastic (an ingredient that is gained out of a tree) will give you a taste of culinary Greece. The customers are from around the city and the world. Venetia tells us that a lot of Europeans love the place because it reminds them of home. A lot of New Yorkers enjoy it because they recognize a part of their city in it. In any case, check out Fresco and enjoy a unique gelato, while sitting at a Bryant Park Bistro table!

Love the table? You can order your own bistro table on the Bryant Park Shop. We have chairs to match too!

Fresco Gelateria
138 Second Avenue

By Isabelle Steichen

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