Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Winning LUV Birds

We teamed up with Southwest Airlines to reunite two geographically challenged LUV couples in honor of Valentine's Day in our Long Distance LUV-ers Contest. We had many worthy pairs enter over the last two weeks. Thank you for sharing your tales of love.

We saw some amazing stories, and LUV birds of all kinds. One woman wanted the chance to visit her favorite park in the world, a couple of ladies wanted to be reunited with the brave service men in their lives, and several new loves wanted the chance to visit each other to help their love grow. In the end, the voters chose our two lucky couples who will receive one Southwest Airlines ticket per couple. You can read their stories below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jacqueline and Tim

I live in NYC, where I was born and raised, to attend law school. Tim, my boyfriend of over two years, is in the Navy. He used to be stationed in Norfolk, Virginia but is currently stationed all the way in Hawaii!! Therefore, visiting each other has gotten much more difficult. Tim was recently deployed and we went 205 days without seeing one another. When he returned, he took leave. We spent time in his hometown in Michigan and in NYC, spending our last full day together in BRYANT PARK ice skating (see photo!) and walking around!! We “LUV”ed it! Winning tickets from anywhere you operate would bring us together again. The nearly 6,000-mile distance isn’t easy but we manage as best we could. We’ve been through many ups and downs but we’ve supported each other and have been supported by family and friends along the way. Thanks for voting!

Kaili and Chris

I was re-united with Chris 2 years ago after graduating more than 10 years ago from our college. I was his secret admirer in college and now we are engaged. I am finishing up a 3-year graduate program at the University of Illinois while he works in New York City. We struggle to find time and money to visit one another as my program demands both of these things from me. Our love story is a dream come true. I would love to be with him everyday, but look forward to our limited visits with one another. I would be grateful to win this contest and be able to see my fiancé as soon as possible! Thank you!!

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