Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malaysian Winter Market brings Southeast Asia to Bryant Park

This week, the Malaysia Kitchen put up its tent on the Bryant Park Fountain Terrace for the Malaysian Winter Market. It was the occasion for locals, as well as tourists to explore the Southeast Asian Culture through food and other events.

Ten different New York area restaurants offered their special signature dishes; you had the chance to enjoy Nasi Goreng (a traditional fried noodle dish), as well as Malaysian crab and beef sliders, sweet potato pancakes and lots of other delicious treats. Lunch and dinner were crowded, and in between you had the chance to discover cooking demos, as well as performances by authentic Malaysian dance troupes. The festival definitely permitted visitors to get an idea of Malaysian culture, that is very special as the country is a true potpourri of different Asian, Middle Eastern and European ethnicities. The food represents this with its mix of Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian flavors and spices. The traditional dancing reflects the same through the colorful and decorated costumes of the dancers and the multicultural music. The Festival was a true success and gave people the chance to discover an exotic destination in the middle of Bryant Park.

By Isabelle Steichen

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