Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Show Your LUV to Win a Flight on Southwest Airlines

LUV in New York City 
Feeling blue because you won’t see your long-distance steady on Valentine’s Day? Don't let the hopelessness sink in just yet. We're partnering with Southwest Airlines® to reunite two very lucky couples in honor of Saint Valentine's Day.

Who do you LUV?

We're calling for long-distance couples of all kinds, be they platonic, familial, or friendly, to enter our Valentine's Day Contest. Eligible long-distance sweeties include your mom, best friend, brother, college roommate... you can enter with anyone you love and miss. Just remember, one of the partners in your long distance duo must live in the New York City area. When you visit your New York sweetheart, we'll also send you to the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park to kick back with a taste of ‘wichcraft's signature sips and snacks.

Show your LUV 
Submit a photo of your geographically-challenged duo and tell us why you should be reunited with your long-distance loved one in New York City. Please limit explanations to 150 words or less. And remember, we LUV Southwest Airlines and Bryant Park related stories. While you submit your lovey-dovey tales, we'll ask our Facebook fans to vote on your entries. The two couples with the most votes will win one roundtrip ticket each for the non-NYC dwelling partner to visit their New York sweetie.

What are you waiting for? Show your LUV
Enter the contest and vote for your favorite story. 

Entries will be accepted and voting will be open through Wednesday, February 13 at 11:59pm EST. We will announce the winners on Thursday, February 14.

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