Thursday, January 24, 2013

Movies on Ice

The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival has become an NYC institution. Thousands of people come each week to race onto the lawn, picnic before the show, and watch classic films projected on the big screen in the park. Over the last two years, we've continued that tradition through the winter at Citi Pond.

The Winter Film Festival will present four films this February on a screen overlooking the ice skating rink. The screen is perfectly situated to watch as you spin around the ice, from a table and chair on the deck surrounding the Pond, or from a cozy spot at Celsius. Bring a blanket, grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up for a film festival unlike any other!

February 4
Disney’s Peter Pan
Spectacular animation of J.M. Barrie’s magical play about the little boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Sing along with Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Peter on their adventures in Never Land and against Captain Hook.  “All it takes is just a little bit of pixie dust”. (1953, Disney, 77 min, Technicolor)

February 11
Singin’ in the Rain
Gene “Gotta Dance” Kelly, Debbie “Good Mornin” Reynolds, and Donald “Make ‘em Laugh” O’Connor, star in one of the most unforgettable films of all time.  Comedy, romance, incredible dances, and memorable songs, all with sets and story to match.  (1952, MGM, 103 min, Technicolor)

February 18
Razzle-dazzle Best Picture Oscar winner starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, Queen Latifa, and Richard Gere, and directed by Rob Marshall, is an inventive reinterpretation of the wildly popular Broadway musical.  Sexy, murderous, courtroom drama, and “All That Jazz”.
(2002, Miramax, 113 min)

February 25
Good girl Sandy (Olivia Newton John) is “hopelessly devoted” to T-Bird Danny (John Travolta) for their “Summer Nights” and then senior year of high school begins.  And the real fun.  Infectious, high energy music homage to the 1950s, with the best-selling movie musical soundtrack ever.  Go “Greased Lightnin” Go. (1978, Paramount, 110 min)

See you at the movies!

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